assessment system interface - Qorrect

Assessment system that goes above and beyond your expectations

Control the exam creation process

Exam generation features help you to create exams manually, semi-automatic or automatically.

Exam delivery via multiple platforms

Qorrect enables you to deliver printed exams or online exams via PC, smartphones and tablets.

Full security and cheating prevention

Our assessment system provides you with a powerful security features to prevent any potential cheating


Powerful analytics and detailed reports

Instant exam results with a set of reports and that cover all aspects of the exam and its items.

How Qorrect can improve the assessment process at your institution?

Unlimited items for exams

Qorrect enables you to create unlimited exam items and support scientific symbols and complicated math equations.

Balanced exam creation

Create fair and balanced exam as qorret helps you to choose the suitable exam items that match your exam objectives.

Printed exams autograding

Qorrect comes with the most powerful OMR software around the globe, Remark Office for quick and accurate grading.

Instant psychometric analysis

The advanced analysis module of Qorrect provides you

Item enhancement process

Item lifecycle tracking will provide you with the instant feedback about the quality of the item to let you know if it can be used in the future exams.

Powerful analytics and detailed reports

Instant exam results with a set of reports and that cover all aspects of the exam and its items.

Learn More about Qorrect Main Portals

Qorrect assessment system consists of three main portals that helps you to create fair exams,
deliver it via multiple platforms, and analyze the results easily.

Core Portal

Create unlimited courses with the specifications that matches all educational needs.

Qorrect helps you to create questions for your exams and quizzes in a simple steps.

Our item bank enable you to store, classify, import and export items in just few clicks.

Create multiple test forms for the same exam and shuffle questions and answers.

Delivery Portal

We provide you with the up-to-date methods to deliver your exams securely.

Schedule your online exams delivery based on participants, groups and subjects.

Deliver the exams via mobile and control the process via kiosk software technology.

Qorrect supports grading paper-based exams via its integration with Remark Office.

Analysis Portal

Enhance your decision making process with our powerful analysis features.

Easy-to-use analysis dashboards to help you analyze the quality of your exams.

All of your essential reports for the current and past exam results in one module.

Our reporting algorithm provides you with all deep insights about your exams.